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Indulge in the sheer opulence of a scrumptious two-tiered cake, an exquisite creation that is sure to delight your senses. With a tall and skinny design, this cake is meticulously crafted with ultra-soft and moist chiffon layers that will leave your taste buds in rapture with every heavenly bite


The heavenly chiffon layers are expertly filled with luxurious and creamy fresh cream, adding a touch of richness and sophistication to the already sumptuous cake. And to further enhance its natural beauty, the cake is crowned with a stunning arrangement of flowers, carefully selected to complement its aesthetic


The epitome of elegance and luxury, a perfect presentation for engagements or wedding ceremonies. It's more than just a cake - it's an experience that makes your special occasion truly unforgettable


📅 Order has to be placed at least 5 Days in advance

⛔️ We close on Mondays. No pickups or deliveries

✔️ Need a cake on Monday? No Problem! Pick it up or have it delivered on Sunday


Five flavours to choose from:

- Madagascar Vanilla

- Belgian Chocolate

- Coffee Mochaccino
- Bächlihof Oreo Cookie
- Baltic Sea Salt Caramel


Serving 18~26 people


Popularity rating: ★★★★★



Party Packages:

Cake + 1 dozen themed cupcakes +$55 (total 30 ~ 35 servings)

Cake + 2 dozen themed cupcakes +$100 (total 40 ~ 45 servings)

Cake + 3 dozen themed cupcakes +$135 (total 50 ~ 55 servings)

Cake + 4 dozen themed cupcakes + $160 (total 60 ~ 65 servings)


*We take pride in offering the freshest and most beautiful flowers available. Please note that due to the seasonal nature of our products, we may need to offer alternative colours and styles from time to time to account for unpredictable supply chains

Flawless Jade

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