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Experience the perfect balance of sweet and salty with every bite of our sea salt caramel cake. The ultra soft-moist-fluffy cake is made with premium ingredients and baked to perfection, while the NOT-OVERLY sweetened caramel cream filling is highlighted with sea salt for an irresistible taste. It is an excellent choice for those who want a lighter, healthier option for dessert


📅 Order has to be placed at least 1 Day in advance

⛔️ We close on Mondays. No pickups or deliveries

✔️ Need a cake on Monday? No Problem! Pick it up or have it delivered on Sunday


Size Choices:

- 6 inch (2 to 6 servings)

- 8 inch (8 to 12 servings) +$30

- 10 inch (14 to 20 servings) +$80


Popularity rating: ★★★★☆

Baltic Sea Salt Caramel

  • Monday Closed

    11 am~6 pm Tuesday

    11 am~6 pm Wednesday

    11 am~6 pm Thursday

    11 am~6 pm Friday

    12 pm~6 pm Saturday

    12 pm~6 pm Sunday

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