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Looking for the perfect treat that's both delicious and visually stunning? Our cupcakes are just what you need! Each order includes a dozen (12 pieces) of these delightful cupcakes, topped with smooth vanilla frosting and a beautiful pink hue that's a perfect match for our designer cakes such as "Pinker and Pinkest", "Pinky Sculpture", "Superb Elegance", "Royal Carousel", and more. Crafted with precision and care, our pink-themed cupcakes are sure to impress anyone who sees them


Choice of TWO different flavoured cakes per order:

- Madagascar Vanilla

- Belgian Chocolate

- Classic Red Velvet


  • Monday Closed

    11 am~6 pm Tuesday

    11 am~6 pm Wednesday

    11 am~6 pm Thursday

    11 am~6 pm Friday

    12 pm~6 pm Saturday

    12 pm~6 pm Sunday